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Why Does Collagen Deteriorate with Age?
As we age, the breakdown of collagen is one of the primary factors in developing
facial lines and wrinkles. There are a number of reasons:
The first is simply aging. All body processes slow and deteriorate with age, and
collagen production is no exception. You may be genetically predisposed to
experience this later in life, or you may experience collagen breakdown early in life.
Hormonal aging also plays a role. In the years following menopause, the body’s
estrogen level decreases, resulting in a significant loss in collagen production.
Environmental damage plays a significant role as well. Sun damage may also
result in the need for a treatment to brighten dark spots and pigmentation as
well as undermines the collagen-producing process.
With exposure to UV rays, toxins and pollutants, free radicals in the body actively
attack collagen cells, resulting in both less collagen production and unhealthy
collagen production. Over time, all of these factors can lead to less
collagen production and, as a result, more wrinkles.
What is Collagen and Elastin?

Why Does Collagen Deteriorate with Age?

Slowing Down the Breakdown.
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